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Weight Loss Diet Plan For Women – What Is The Venus Factor Diet Plan All About?

First, I want to point out what the Venus Factor is not. It is not a fad diet that some celebrity or gym junkie came up with, it’s a diet designed by a scientist based on real scientific studies. It is not restrictive in the kinds of food you can eat so you won’t get crazy cravings. It’s not difficult, all the hard works been done; nutrition, diet, exercise, it’s all laid out for you. The Venus Factor is a weight loss diet plan for women. There are many other weight loss plans out there targeted to sell to women, but their method is not designed for women. The Venus Factor is a lot of stuff I’ve tried in other diets here and there but it’s recalibrated and tailored to how the female body works because our bodies are designed for completely different tasks than men, so why shouldn’t our weight loss methods be different also. So what is the Venus Factor about then?

Leptin – What It All Comes Down To

Leptin is in the bodies of both men and women and it plays many roles in how our bodies function, one of these roles is as a signal for when our body should switch from fat storing mode to fat burning mode. So how do males versus females come into this? Well both men and women have leptin but women are less sensitive to leptin. However, women can increase their sensitivity to leptin so that we can lose weight easily like men too; we just have to do it the female way and that is what the Venus Factor has worked out.

The Venus Factor Diet Overview

Venus Factor Diet ProgramThis diet follows what a lot of other plans are doing but it puts all the scientifically proven factors together in a way that is scientifically worked out for a woman. It’s a calorie control diet but it doesn’t restrict what you each, just how much you can eat in a day, so the message is choose your calories wisely. But you don’t spend every day eating fewer calories. You also get maintenance days or eat-up days so you don’t lose will power. This was great for me because I have very little willpower when it comes to eating. Exercise is not mandatory but it does help. And you also throw in some short-term overnight fasting to top it all off, which was actually not as hard as I thought it would be when I went with the preferred method of delaying breakfast, or a delay in ‘breaking the fast’. There are lots of factors that other diets use but they’re all fit together here in a particular way to switch a female body into fat burning mode.

Easy As… – With The Help Of A Virtual Nutritionist

This is one of the most amazing tools that really set this diet apart. As with most diets there are so many variables, don’t eat a lot this day, eat more that day, eat this macro in the morning but only on days after this workout, and so on. A diet plan is meant to save you time, it’s meant to have done all the work for you, and really have done it. Not just throw information at you and tell you it’s all there, oh and here’s a bunch of calculations to help along the way.

Venus Factor Nutrition Calculator

The Venus Factor does all this, gives you the information, with references to the actual science so you don’t just have to take their word for it, it gives you the calculations but then they give you the best thing of all, a virtual nutritionist. With all your details plugged in it works out your week for you, how many calories you should eat, how many calories you should have on eat-up days, how much protein to eat and even accounts for possible water retention weight so don’t feel too bad about a pound or two. Each week you come back, plug in your latest metrics and bam, this wonderful computer program gives you everything you need for the next week. I love this tool. I would recommend this diet for this factor alone. It means the diet is not a one-size-fits-all and its individually tailored without actually paying for weekly visits to a nutritionist.

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There probably are many diets that do one or more of the same things the Venus Factor does. However, trying to work out how many days you should eat fewer calories, when to have maintenance days, how much protein to eat, when to incorporate a short-term fast, and other such questions, requires way more time than I have or would spend on a weekend, but the Venus Factor truly does make it easy and actually saved me a lot of time. They give you all the information so you understand what you are doing and why but then they give you this great tool so you don’t have to spend Sunday each week trying to calculate what you’re meant to do the next week because as your body changes you can’t keep doing to same things to get better results. Diets need to be dynamic and this is where the virtual assistant was my virtual hero. Want to learn more about this incredible diet? Then go and check out my in-depth Venus Factor Review.

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