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Workout Routines For Women At Home – Venus Factor Workouts

“Abs are made in the kitchen” that’s what they’re all saying now, and while it’s true diet is the major factor in weight loss, exercise helps a lot in this journey. And besides, who wants to lose all that fat only to find out they have a flat bum and no womanly curves underneath? Not me. Unfortunately I can barely afford a gym membership, but I really can’t afford the extra travel time there and back again, so the best option to save time, and willpower (especially on weekends), is to use workout routines for women at home. And the Venus Factor has a whole program that strengthens muscle for improved fitness and muscle tone.

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Just 30 Minutes A Workout

This was the biggest drawcard for me, just 30 minutes to complete a workout. The thought of working out for an hour just exhausts my willpower so I can’t even be bothered starting but 30 minutes can be done as soon as I get home from work before I need to cook dinner, or on a weekend afternoon after spending a day out or before heading out for the night. So 30 minutes is easy to find but, bonus, you only need to work out three days a week. This is getting better and better for me. It’s not that I hate exercising, I actually enjoy it once I get going but I think the idea of having to do something every day for a long time feels more like work than 'me time'. Also the program is 12 weeks long. While this seems long when you think how little work you are doing each week, just an hour and half. Doing this for 3 months sounds pretty good. I have a plan in front of me so I don’t need to think about or plan my workouts for the next several months.

Even though the workouts are only 30 minutes, they don’t try and fit of lot of complex things in there or have you moving non-stop. They are really simple and well laid out; how many sets with how many reps and how long to rest in between. Some days are basic resistance training; one exercise like a push up, repeated 10 times, then rest for 60 seconds, then do 10 more push ups, rest again and then one last set of 10 push ups with a rest and then move onto the next exercise and do it all over again. So simple and I love that it outlines all the rests. This was how I knew I could do it. So even though it’s a ’30 minute’ workout, that includes a warm up and a stretch and rest time in between so really you’re only working hard for 15-20 minutes. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Other times the plan follows more of a circuit style training where you’ll complete a set of each exercise once then move onto the next until you finish the list. Then you go back to beginning and start again. You do this three times but again you get rests in between each set so you don’t fatigue yourself. The workouts then get progressively more detailed with several mini circuits that you complete. Even though it seems like you’re not actually working out for much of the 30 minutes you definitely feel a burn but then don’t have to push yourself like crazy or use up all that willpower, which in my case, I need it all to avoid over eating or eating the wrong things.

The Venus Factor Program Overview

The 12-Week Fat Burning And Muscle Toning Workout ManualIn week one the work outs are simple, mostly isolated exercises, like push ups and dips for upper body, squats and lunges for lower body and planks and side planks for the core and back. Some exercises have a couple of movements like a squat and press, first you squat then as you stand up you press your arms up high, when you bring them back down to your shoulder level you squat your lower half again. ‘Bringing sexy back’ as in sexy shoulders, back and butt!! These are simple compound exercises and become a more dominant factor as the weeks go on as they allow you to work more of your body at once. So now you’re maximising your effort into an already short workout.

So week 1 is simple, but by the time you’re halfway through you’ve got a grasp on compound exercises and the workouts are structured like circuits and you start increasing your reps on some exercises. This then progressively keeps increasing up to week 12 where you go from 10 reps per set to as much as 15 reps depending on the exercise. You’ll also be planking for a minute and half. The exercises also change up a bit. You’ll still do a lot of the basic movements but you’ll add in more compound movements and variations so you’re always challenging different muscles in your body, or challenging them in different ways. I will always look fondly on the day I did 10 push-ups on my toes when I started off struggling to finish 10 on my knees.

The workouts are also quite balanced in that they incorporate both body resistance and weight-assisted training. Weight assisted exercises are great because they allow you to adjust the resistance so you can work at your own level. The aim is to start feeling a burn by the 8th rep so you have to push just a little to make it to the last rep. this is great when you want to ramp up your push or if you need to pull back because of injury. Body weight exercises are great because they make for great challenges. Working out this way means there is little equipment needed and if possible, a lot of it can be substituted with items around the house. I used 1L bottles of water for dumbbells and a shopping bag full of books for deadlifts.

Venus Factor Workout Videos

There's a really good video gallery within the members are and you get great instructions for all those different exercises. They were really helpful for me, since I haven't been a fitness guru and didn't know how to perform all of those exercises. Below is a screen shot of the members are with the videos:

Venus Factor Workout Videos



Between week one and week twelve the workouts get more intense to consistently challenge you but the amount of time does not increase so you only ever have to commit 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week. I believe this is the definition of work smarter, not harder. But as mentioned in the beginning, diet is the most important factor if your goal is fat loss, because if you’re not eating right it doesn’t matter how much exercise you do, all that sexy tone will still be hidden underneath the fat. This is why the Venus Factor Workout is so great. It gives you all the nutritional information, the diet plan, the why, when and how of eating and eating right but without extreme methods or even restriction of any food type, great for my weak willpower, plus the workouts that work best to make us ladies into fat burning machines.

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