Monday, April 25, 2016

Built For Life: Best Motto For A New You & Getting Fit Over 40

"Built for Life" is a motto that can really help to transform your life and encourage you/motivate you really pushing forward to the next level and achieving the dream to get fit at 40 plus. This is the type of phrase that has more than one meaning: and all of those meanings are ones you should embrace.

First, there's the dedication to building yourself up and committing to that process for life. This is definitely a great commitment and it's one that shows you're willing to fight for the better things in life to make sure every day, month, and year is the best that it can possibly be. You're not going to get lazy or use age or time as an excuse for not getting fit over 40.

Then there's the other obvious way to read the motto "Built for Life," which is to see the motto as saying you're built to live your life - that you are building yourself up to enjoy every moment of every day, and that you are here to live, not to sit back and watch life go by passively.

That meaning includes the physical aspect of staying in shape even at an age of 40 plus, but it also goes beyond it to say you're ready for challenges, you're ready mentally, you're ready emotionally, and you'll make the changes needed to get the most out of every single day. Life may try to beat you down, but you're dedicating to building yourself up to get the best out of every moment and to keep doing so for the rest of your life.

Embracing both of these mottos is a great way to go, but there's no question the physical side has to play a major role in it. Are you strong? Do you feel strong? Do you feel good? Do you look good? These are critical questions to answer to make sure you're on the right track. Being physically fit and healthy is an absolute requirement to being able to enjoy the most that life has to offer.

One of the most important types of exercises you absolutely can not ignore is weight lifting. Especially the strength building variety. Don't worry if you don't want to be "Bulked up like the Incredible Hulk." The truth is to get to that level a person needs to have an insanely detailed diet plan, protein supplements, and workouts that are precisely tied into meal times and resting periods. You don't have to bulk up to that level to be healthy or feel good, and a consistent and regular weight lifting program will not only help you develop decent muscle mass, but also provide a wide array of health benefits.

Getting Fit Over 40 & Built for Life Means You Get to Enjoy:

  • Feeling and looking your very best
  • Having that healthy muscle mass boost your resting metabolism
  • The ability to do more things and enjoy more of life's adventures
  • Better health and less time sick

Commit yourself to being built for life, and know that a better and stronger body will never let you down compared to the alternative!


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